from Pastor Phil

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Keep Yourself From Idols


Feed My Lambs


Man Born Blind

Samaritan Woman

You Must Be Born Again


You Have Heard That It Was Said

You are the Light of the World

Coming of Kingdom

Covenant with the World Around Us

Covenant with Others

Advent Joy

Advent Hope

Thanksgiving Sunday: A Thankful Heart

Psalms: Orientation, Disorientation, Reorientation

Samuel: No King But Jesus

Ruth: Love Never Fails

Judges: God Is Patient

Joshua: Choosing To Follow The Lord

Deuteronomy: Teach Your Children

Numbers: Getting The Big Decisions Right

What Is The Church?

What Is Your Gospel?




The Lord’s Prayer part 2

The Lord’s Prayer

The Beatitudes–Part 4

The Beatitudes–Part 3

The Beatitudes–Part 2

The Beatitudes–Part 1

The Holy Spirit

Listening to God

What about Heaven and Hell?

Why do I continue to sin?

Why is there so much suffering?

How do I forgive?

Why aren’t more people nice?

Is Christianity the only way to heaven?

How Did God Create?

What If There Is No God?

The Integrity of Scripture

Jesus and His Friends

The Truth in the Mocking

Giving Ourselves to Jesus


Who is Jesus?

Jesus at the Party

He Will Baptized with Fire

God Took the First Step

Jesus and His Parents

The Christmas Revolution

Sharing God’s Gifts

God Keeps His Promises

The In-between Times

Christ the King

There Will Be Pain

The Widow’s Two Coins

What Do You Want Me to do for You

The Rich Young Ruler

The Lord’s Supper

God’s One Big Family

Asking Questions

Not the Perfect Church

The Deaf Can Hear

Solomon Asks for Wisdom

Seek First the Kingdom 

I Won’t Be King

Come Away for a While

John the Baptist

The Healing Touch

Peace Be Still

The Growing Seed

Was Jesus Crazy?

Trinity Sunday 

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